All marine distress signal flares have a limited life and should be replaced before their expiry date, which should be stamped on the side of each flare, but since these flares are classified as an explosive they cannot be disposed of in general household waste.

They must be disposed of in the special collection bins provided by the Queensland Department of Transport at various locations and there is one at the VMR Bribie Island base so just drop your expired or unwanted flares off at our base at Marine Parade, Bellara and they will be safely disposed of.

Note: By regulation vessels operating in or beyond partially smooth waters are required to be equipped with certain items classified as safety equipment, which includes two hand-held red flares and two hand-held orange smoke signals, and if the specified safety equipment has an expiry date by which it should be serviced or replaced (as flares and smoke signals do) then the vessel is taken not to be equipped with the required safety equipment unless the equipment has been serviced or replaced before the expiry date.