If your are in grave and imminent danger, you should use a Mayday call to get help from nearby vessels and official responders.  DO NOT use a Mayday if you are not in immediate danger.  Use the normal calling techniques for VMR Bribie.

Mayday procedure

  1. Set your VHF radio to Channel 16 and adjust your volume and squelch
  2. Find your GPS coordinates from your GPS device or Phone
  3. Call “Mayday, Mayday, Mayday”  
  4. Call “This is [vessel name and/or call sign]" (repeat three times)
  5. Then again call “Mayday" "[vessel name and/or call sign]”
  6. “My position is ... [Details of the ship’s GPS position if possible, otherwise as close as you can get]
  7. Report the nature of the distress:  “My vessel is sinking" or "We have a serious injury aboard" or "We are on fire" etc.
  8. “I have  [number of persons on board]”

This call can be repeated as often as necessary until answered. If no answer is received on distress frequencies, repeat the call on any frequency which might attract attention.