VMR Bribie Island maintains 8 boat crews to cover the normal 8 weekend days each month. These crews are designated Blue, Green, White and Red and either Saturday or Sunday to denote the rostered day e.g. “Blue Sunday”. Each crew consists of 8 – 10 crew members under the command of the Officer in Charge (OIC) with each crew having a balance of experience and seniority from Trainee through to Commercial Coxswain.

Our boat crews provide the frontline rescue service for which VMR Bribie exists.

View/download the Crew Roster_for 2021

View/download the Crew Roster_for 2020

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View/download the Crew Roster for 2017

In addition to the weekend boat crews, VMR Bribie Island rosters callout crews to cover those periods outside of our normal hours of operation to ensure a 24 x 7 rescue service.

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