Members of VMR Bribie Island enjoy many benefits including;

  • Breakdown assistance to the value of $500 per annum (for members with rescue coverage). This is approximately 3 hours of on-water assistance.
  • Full membership and vessel details recorded in our database.
  • Access to first aid, radio and navigation courses as well as a number of safety and boating information sessions held throughout the year.
  • Regular social events at the base.
  • VMR Bribie Island has a reciprocal arrangement with VMR Squadrons in Moreton Bay, south to the Queensland Border with regards to on-water assistance to the nearest safe harbour.  Details will be supplied on request.

Members are eligible and encouraged to become active members and participate in boat crew, radio duty, fundraising, administrative and building/boat maintenance activities. Click here for further details about volunteering.

Renewal Fees - For Existing Members Only

If your membership has expired then contact the membership secretary ( to renew. If your membership expired some time ago then you will need to join again as a new member. Click here to rejoin online

Membership Fees at 1st January 2023

Associate/Ordinary Membership with Rescue Coverage


Associate/Ordinary Membership with NO Rescue Coverage


Family Membership with Rescue Coverage (existing members only)


Family Membership NO Rescue Coverage (existing members only)


Each Additional Vessel


Membership is for 12 months from the receipt of payment and members are notified when renewal is due. Note that you can change your membership type or level at the time of renewal. All fees include GST

Notes: Breakdown assistance and/or vessel rescue coverage for new members/coverage does not commence normally 1-2 business days after payment has been received. Members who are unfinancial will no longer enjoy the member benefits and will be required to pay for any assistance provided by our rescue vessels.

We provide an instant membership renewal facility that allows you to provide details online and to make immediate payment using our secure PayPal gateway. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Use of Credit Cards

We use the PayPal gateway to process credit card payments. PayPal is one of the safest ways to secure credit card payments.

If you don't have a Paypal Account, then members can use the Paypal Secure Guest facility of the gateway payment system. Importantly:

  1. YOU DO NOT need to be a PayPal Member to pay by credit card.
  2. YOU DO NOT need to have a PayPal account.
  3. YOU WILL NEVER be asked to join PayPal by us, or by PayPal.
  4. PayPal does not keep your credit card details.
  5. YOU WILL NOT be charged any fees.
  6. PayPal invite non- paypal members to use the GUEST facility to process payment. you will be asked the billing address of the credit card as a security check.

If you have a Paypal Account then PayPal members can use their PayPal Account to process payments.

Alternatively you may either:

  • Complete the Membership Renewal Form, scan it and submit your renewal as an attachment with credit card details completed.
  • Post the form to us addressed to The Secretary, PO Box 85, Bribie Island QLD 4507.
  • Call in to the base with your completed renewal form where your payment can be processed .

Payment can be made by cheque, credit card (Visa/Mastercard) or EFTPOS/cash at the base.

Should you require any further information regarding membership, please contact us.