Our active members participate in one or more activities including radio operation, rescue boat operation, maintenance, fundraising, social and administrative functions. We train you and also provide workcover insurance cover, at no cost to you, so that you are protected while engaged in VMR Bribie Island activities.  

Training for these activities is supplied free of charge; however, we may have to pass on some external charges for certain registrations or certificates.  Any such charges are modest and will be discussed with you before commencement.

You will be provided with uniforms appropriate to the role, but you may have to provide personal items such as shoes etc.

Prospective active members need to understand that acceptance for active duty is not automatic and, in most cases, is subject to interview, assessment and possible waiting lists. We also expect all our active members to participate in occasional fundraising activities as our needs determine.

Active members of VMR Bribie Island provide an important service to the boating public of Moreton Bay and Bribie Island which is both satisfying and valued.

In return we offer support, camaraderie and the best view on Bribie Island!

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